Therapy dogs encourage reading at Trautwein

Therapy dogs encourage reading at Trautwein
Posted on 09/27/2018
Reading at TrautweinThe library at Trautwein Elementary School started going to the dogs on Thursday, Sept. 27, but that's a good thing when it comes to encouraging students to read. Trautwein librarian Natalie Oleshchuk welcomed Love on a Leash therapy dogs and their trainers into her library to give students a boost in reading skills.

"Research shows that this program helps most children improve their fluency and confidence in reading," Oleshchuk explained. "Therapy dogs help children calm their bodies and minds, allowing them to focus on reading. This is especially helpful for children feeling anxious or stressed."

Working in small groups, one child reads for 10 minutes while another child listens and pets the dog. The students then switch roles. Parents can opt out of the reading program if their child has allergies or is uncomfortable around dogs.

"This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, having children read to the dogs. We are starting out doing this every other week but I'm hoping to work up to every week," Oleshchuk said. "The ability to read is critical to a child’s academic success and Love on a Leash is just one more way for us to develop those reading skills."

The dog handlers are all certified volunteers, and there is no cost the school.
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