We are grateful for a supportive, engaged community

We are grateful for a supportive, engaged community
Posted on 11/20/2023
hassler-story-website-november.jpgNovember is a month that encourages us to pause, reflect and express gratitude. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges within our school district, we find that these themes are particularly meaningful. It is with heartfelt appreciation that we extend our sincere thanks for your unwavering support, active engagement and trust in our mission to provide the finest education for our students.

The Mehlville School District remains steadfast in its commitment to its core values of educational excellence and student well-being. Our dedicated educators and staff have consistently gone above and beyond, delivering high-quality instruction and support to our students.

The strength of the Mehlville community lies in our unity and our shared vision for the future. Thanks to the community’s support of Prop R, A, S and E, we are in a strong position to develop long-term plans for our students’ academic growth, for the well-being of our employees, and for the enhancement of our facilities. Your endorsement at the ballot box has allowed our students and staff to reap the benefits, and we trust that you have noticed the improvements in many of our buildings due to this support. Furthermore, we are investing in our employees, academic programs and extracurricular activities for the betterment of our students.

Prop E has made our employee compensation more competitive, enabling us to fill numerous positions that were left vacant last year. Thanks to your support of Prop E and the increased assessed values of homes in our area, we are expediting critically needed HVAC replacements without the need for additional bond initiatives and borrowing. This is due to the increase in assessed property values set by the St. Louis County Assessor’s Office, allowing us to receive more funding than originally anticipated. By accepting this funding now, we can avoid the need for tax-increase bond issues in the next few years, which saves over $12 million dollars in interest. The Board is committed to using taxpayers funds wisely on urgently needed HVAC upgrades that will bring immediate improvements. This decision aligns with state statutes passed by the Missouri Legislature, emphasizing sound fiscal management in the best interests of our students, district and community.

For more comprehensive updates, we encourage you to attend our monthly Board of Education meetings. These meetings are open to the public, and your presence is always welcome. Additionally, you can view these presentations at youtube.com/mehlvilleschools and bit.ly/msdr9boemeetings.

We urge you to continue your involvement with our district. Your input, ideas and feedback are invaluable as we work to shape the future of Mehlville’s educational landscape. You can reach us by email, attend and speak at our meetings, participate in various surveys, and attend committee meetings throughout the year. We welcome your questions, concerns and ideas, as it is through our collective efforts that we can ensure that every student in our community receives a top-notch education and the support they need to thrive.

The Board of Education extends our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a joyful and peaceful holiday season, filled with moments of gratitude and togetherness. 

Peggy Hassler
Mehlville School District Board President
The Mehlville School District strictly prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity and other characteristics protected by law. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: contact Adam Smith at 314-467-5006 or [email protected].