USDA Smart Snacks Guidelines

What are the Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards?

As required by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, all food and beverages sold or given to students on school property during the school day must meet the Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards. This includes student stores, fundraisers, vending machines and foods brought a student to share with the class. This does not apply to foods or beverages sent to school with children for them to consume.

Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards specify the following:

  1. Foods must meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Calories:
      • Snack/Side Item- Less than or equal to 200 calories per item as served (includes any accompaniments) 
      • Entrée- Less than or equal to 350 calories per item as served (includes any accompaniments)
    • Sodium: 
      • Snack/Side Item- Less than or equal to 200 mg per item
      • Entrée- Less than or equal to 480 mg per item 
    • Fat: 
      • Total Fat- Less than or equal to 35% of calories 
      • Saturated Fat- Less than 10% of calories 
      • Trans Fat– 0 grams per serving
    • Sugar: 
      • Total Sugar- Less than 35% by weight
  2. Foods must meet ONE of the following requirements:
    • Be a grain product that contains more than 50% whole grains by weight or have whole grains listed as the first ingredient on the food label
    • Have listed as the first ingredient on the food label, one of the non-grain main food groups: fruit, vegetable, dairy or protein foods
    • Be a combination food that contains at least 1/4 cup fruit and/or vegetableOR Contain 10% Daily Value (DV) of Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin D or Dietary Fiber

To find out if a food meets the Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards, click HERE to access the smart snacks product calculator provided by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, with no added ingredients such as added sugar, dressings or dips are always allowable items. If a fresh fruit or vegetable has other ingredients added, it will need to meet the Nutrition Standards.

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