High school students explore their passions in MyPath

High school students explore their passions in MyPath
Posted on 03/04/2021
My Path 2021The MyPath course was designed as a means for Mehlville High School and Oakville High School students who have exhausted course offerings in a particular subject area to continue pursuing projects they’re passionate about. By developing their own courses, students are able to further their education in a way that's relevant to their own interests and goals.

Eight MHS and five OHS students took the MyPath course during the 2020-2021 school year. We spoke with three of them about how they are using the program to advance their education.

Hannah Franke, Oakville High School
OHS senior Hannah Franke is interested in psycholinguistics, the psychology of words. Since that course is not offered in Mehlville School District, she has used her MyPath to design a curriculum that deepens her knowledge in the subject. 


“I’m studying how we use language online and how that deviates from proper or standard English,” said Franke. “I am working on a survey that I’ll send to the students and staff here at Oakville, as well as some other populations to get a good cross section.” 

Once her survey is complete, Franke will analyze the results and write an official report. 

“It’s such a cool opportunity to study something so in-depth at the high school level,” said Franke. “If you’re passionate about something, you’re able to design your own curriculum and study it right now.” 

Franke is graduating in June and is planning to continue studying psycholinguistics in college. 

Kenan Mustafic, Mehlville HIgh School 
Mehlville High School junior Kenan Mustafic found the inspiration for his MyPath after a building near his family’s business caught on fire. 

“I’m designing a plane or drone that will allow firefighters to fight fires remotely from a safe distance,” said Mustafic. “It would be made of fire resistant material and would disperse an agent to stop fires from spreading.”

Mustafic has already taken all of the engineering and aerospace courses available at MHS, so MyPath has allowed him to continue to advance his studies and discover new interests. 

“Longterm, I want to become an aerospace engineer,” said Mustafic. “This year, I’ve practiced coding, design and building. When I become an engineer, I’ll use all three of these things.” 

Mustafic is making adjustments to the design of his plane. He plans to take MyPath again his senior year so he can continue his studies. 

Carloyn Buback, Mehlville High School
Mehlville High School senior Carolyn Buback began sewing when she was in elementary school and has taken sewing and merchandising classes in high school. 

“I love the art classes here and have taken all of them,” said Buback. “MyPath gave me a chance to design my own fashion class with the structure that I needed.” 


During the first semester, Buback developed a portfolio she could use to apply to colleges. This spring, she has begun to design her own fashion line, including the development of her own logo. 

“I’m making three different outfits based on alternative and punk clothing from the nineties,” said Buback. “Then I’ll have a fashion show at the end of the school year.” 

Buback will be attending the Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts in St. Louis following graduation in June. 

Enroll in MyPath
Students should speak to their counselor if they’re interested in enrolling in MyPath for the 2021-2022 school year. Learn more about our Student Choice Programs.

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