Mehlville School District Teacher of the Year

World-traveling English teacher named Mehlville School District Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/15/2019

Mehlville School District’s 2019 Teacher of the Year is Cheryl Ogolin, English teacher at Mehlville High School.

“Through her English language arts curriculum, she develops and nurtures her students’ ability to advocate for the change they want to see in the world,” said Dr. Chris Gaines, superintendent of Mehlville School District. “She balances rigor and student choice in her classroom, and she seeks out learning opportunities for students that extend beyond the Mehlville High School campus.”

Ogolin has arranged for and lead trips with students during summer and spring breaks through Education First. Ogolin has visited countries across the globe including Spain, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, Japan and many others.

In her eight years as an MHS teacher, she’s also encouraged students and faculty to improve their wellness and manage their mental health through yoga and meditation. Prior to teaching at Mehlville High, Ogolin taught at Bayless High School for eight years.

“Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious with both students and colleagues,” said Dr. Denise Swanger, MHS principal. “We are thrilled that she was named Mehlville School District Teacher of the Year.”

School-Level Awardees

Teachers of the Year

Lauren Toney, Speech-Language Pathologist, John Cary Early Childhood Center
Christen Otto, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Beasley Elementary
Madalyn Bush, Kindergarten Teacher, Bierbaum Elementary
Lauren Wojcicki, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Blades Elementary
Jacqui Schilling, English Language Teacher, Forder Elementary
Devon Drikow, Kindergarten Teacher, Hagemann Elementary
George Aplin, Music Teacher, MOSAIC Elementary
Lori Erb, Second-Grade Teacher, Oakville Elementary
Alisha Oetting, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Point Elementary
Debbie Bayer, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Rogers Elementary
Kim Benson,
Kindergarten Teacher, Trautwein Elementary
Julie Karl, Second-Grade Teacher, Wohlwend Elementary
Tosha DeBold, Science Teacher, Bernard Middle
Michele Hilson, English language arts teacher, Margaret Buerkle Middle
Christina Whelehon, English language arts teacher, Oakville Middle
Katie McMullen, English language arts teacher, Washington Middle
Cheryl Ogolin, English language arts teacher,
Mehlville High
Stephanie Allen, Science Teacher, Oakville High
Ryan Boyd, teacher, SCOPE

Classified Employees of the Year

Bob Stringer, Custodian, John Cary Early Childhood Center
Mary Wallenberg, Cafeteria Recess Aide, Beasley Elementary
Tori Perry, Secretary, Bierbaum Elementary
Cheryl Ritzie Cook, Blades Elementary
Megan Wedemeier, Nurse, Forder Elementary
Macheal Amelung, Secretary, Hagemann Elementary
Melina Ulrich, Secretary, MOSAIC Elementary
Michelle Mezyk, Paraprofessional, Oakville Elementary
Pam Burton, Paraprofessional, Point Elementary
Sarah Wilson, Paraprofessional, Rogers Elementary
Angie Chesnick, Paraprofessional, Trautwein Elementary
Val Savage, Secretary, Wohlwend Elementary
LaKristel Collins, Paraprofessional, Bernard Middle
Andy Schoen, Custodian, Margaret Buerkle Middle
Julie Hubbell, Counseling Secretary, Oakville Middle
Angie Thompson, Nurse, Washington Middle
Christina Raney, Counseling Secretary, Mehlville High
Bill Langley, Custodian, Oakville High
Tonia Laurine, Nurse, SCOPE
Sean Owens, IT Supervisor, Central Office
Keith Townsend, Carpenter, Facilities Department
Mike Markowski, Bus Driver, Transportation Department

The Mehlville School District Teachers of the Year and Classified Employees of the Year were recognized at the district’s annual Recognition Night on May 9 at Genesis. Thank you to the following event sponsors: Charles Meyer Insurance Agency, Cigna, Wm. G. Cocos Co. Inc., The Teachers' Lounge and Vision Benefits of America. 

The Mehlville School District strictly prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity and other characteristics protected by law. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: contact Adam Smith at 314-467-5006 or [email protected].