New PE class allows students to adventure and explore new outdoor activities

New PE class allows students to adventure and explore new outdoor activities
Posted on 10/11/2021
Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits classStudents in the new Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits class at Mehlville High School have already had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: canoeing on the Mississippi River. 

This is the second year the class has been offered to Mehlville High School and Oakville High School students. But it’s the first year students have been able to apply the skills they’ve learned to adventures off campus. 

“We have the strengthening and conditioning classes, the fitness classes, team sports and lifetime sports, but this is for the kids who may not be interested in those courses, and outdoor activities have taken off lately,” said Jill Wojewuczki, Mehlville High PE teacher. 

Students spent the first few weeks of the school year learning about kayaking terminology and practicing techniques in the district’s pool. 
Image: Mehlville High Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits students trained in the district pool for three weeks before their excursion on the Mississippi River.

“We have been practicing how to turn, go faster, go backwards and using your momentum,” said Mohamed Saady, Mehlville High senior. “If we need to make sharp turns or if we’re in a sticky situation, we know how to get out of it with the techniques we’ve learned in class.” 

The students were able to apply those skills at the end of September when they went canoeing on the Mississippi River with the assistance of professionals from Big Muddy Adventures. 

In addition to kayaking, students are going to learn and practice other outdoor activities like fishing, archery, rock climbing and hiking.
canoeing on the Mississippi River
Image: MHS Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits went canoeing on the Mississippi River near downtown St. Louis last month.

“I’m excited that the students get to take those things we’re learning in the classroom, go outside and have those real-life experiences,” said Wojewuczki. 

Mehlville High and Oakville High students can take the Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits course their sophomore, junior or senior year as part of their physical education requirements for graduation.

Adventure and Outdoor Pursuits is one of several new PE classes designed to increase fitness opportunities for students.
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