My Mehlville Story

My Mehlville Story
Each Mehlville School District staff member has their own unique story about their decision to apply to work in the district, their experience and their motivation to continue working here. We asked some incredible men and women to share their stories with you! 

Sharron Gatling
, Mehlville School District bus driver

"Bus driver is one of the most important roles because we are the first person kids see each morning and the last person they see at the end of the day." 

Learn more about being a bus driver in Mehlville School District and apply.

Ken John
, Wohlwend Elementary School custodian

"When you work here, you get to meet a lot of people. There's a lot of opportunity for growth here and you get to work with friendly people." 

Learn more about custodian openings in Mehlville School District and apply.

Nihada Sopovic, Mehlville High School food technician

"In this job, we have a lot of time off. I'm able to stay home when my kids are home and spend time with my kids."

Learn more about food technician openings in Mehlville School District and apply.

Ben McClusky
, Beasley Elementary School music teacher

"It's hard to find another district with as much socioeconomic and cultural diversity as what Mehlville has. That's something that's important to me."

View certified teaching openings and apply.

Fatima Warren
Trautwein Elementary School counselor

"I applied here because Mehlville had the same core values that I did when teaching students: Giving back, service and having gratitude for what you have."

View counselor and certified teaching openings and apply.

Frederick Muthonjia, Mehlville School District system support specialist

"The thing that changed how I look at this is being able to help students. Not just with technology, but being there to support them. It's very rewarding." 

View openings in our technology department and apply.

Jenn Rich, Oakville Middle School English-language arts teacher

"We have so much diversity in our student body, including families that are immigrants. That's something so special about our district that not every district has."

View certified teaching openings and apply.

Meagan Ochoa
, Oakville Elementary School principal

"We may not always have the high-end of everything, but our teachers put their hearts and souls into everything, and it works for the kids. That's what I love about Mehlville."

View administrator openings and apply.

Regina Gleason, Mehlville High School English-language arts teacher

"Our teachers have a voice. I think what's best for kids is that people who are working with them can advocate for them."

View certified teaching openings and apply.

Stacey Bader, Rogers Elementary School nurse

"Working in the school setting is a great work-life balance for myself and my family. I loved hospital nursing, but working 12-hour shifts, nights and holidays was tough."

View school nurse openings and apply.
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