Frequently Asked Questions

Redistricting FAQs


Why are we redistricting?

Some schools are overcrowded and some have open classrooms.  In the case of

Bierbaum Elementary we transport students to other schools due to overcrowding. Redistricting is meant to balance our use of space.

What schools are being impacted?

All schools boundaries at the elementary, middle, and high school levels are being addressed during redistricting.

When will the new boundaries take place?

For the 2017-2018 school year.

How was the Redistricting Committee formed?

In August of 2016 the community was notified of the formation of the Redistricting Committee and community members were encouraged apply to participate. They were asked to write a narrative as to what they would bring to the committee. Those names were then shared with building principals who recommended building representatives.  Teachers and administrators volunteered to participate as well.

What is the structure of the Redistricting Committee?

Kelly Roberts and Dr. Whitney Maus co-chair the committee.  Membership includes one parent from each elementary school, one parent from each middle school, one parent from each high school, four parents at-large, two elementary teachers, two middle school teachers, and two high school teachers.  Dan Gilman, Director of Transportation serves as a non-voting member.  One elementary administrator serves as a non-voting member.  One middle school administrator serves as a non-voting member.  One high school administrator serves as a non-voting member.

What is grandfathering?

Grandfathered students are allowed to stay at their current school until their next transition. The committee will recommend that transportation would not be provided for any grandfathered students.

Which students will be grandfathered?

The committee will recommend students who are current 7th graders, along with current freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Siblings of grandfathered students have to apply for school choice.  

If my child is eligible to be grandfathered, how do I let the district know I want to exercise that option?

There will be a brief form to complete.  It is due March 17.

Do students on school choice get to stay at their current school?

All students on school choice have to reapply for the 17-18 school year.  Please submit school choice forms as soon as possible.  Application for school choice does not guarantee you have a slot.

How is school choice determined?

School choice is determined based on the availability at each grade level in the desired building. For instance, if you apply for school choice at Blades and have a third grade student the total number of third grade students will be reviewed to determine if there is space at that grade level based on class sizes. If there is space in that grade level then student hardship is the next determining factor. 

I bought my home based on the school.  I’m now being moved.  Will boundaries move again in the future?         

At some point in the future it is expected that boundaries will be redrawn due to shifts in enrollment.  The demographer believes the work of the committee should be good for about ten years, barring any major shift.

How will redistricting impact the value of my home?

School district, not school building, impacts home value.  You will remain in the Mehlville School District.

How does redistricting impact athletic eligibility for students moving high schools?

Eligibility is not impacted.  There will be some paperwork to complete, but the state athletic association will provide guidance to ensure the paperwork is in order so that our student athletes remain eligible.

What are the next steps?

            February 27               Public Feedback at Washington Middle School6pm

            February 28               Public Feedback at Blades Elementary School6pm

            March 1                      Survey closes

            March 2-6                  Committee reviews feedback to develop recommendation

            March 7                      Recommendation goes out

            March 7                      Board Dialogue session - Washington Middle  6:30pm

            March 9                      Recommendation on Board of Education agenda

            March 17                    Notice of School of Innovation acceptance

            March 17                    Grandfathering application due


Do I need to attend both meetings to give feedback?

No.  All feedback (survey, Let’s Talk, emails, feedback sessions) is going to the committee for their review and consideration before they make a final recommendation.  There is no need to give the same feedback multiple times.


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