Masking FAQs

COVID Masking Questions
Updated March 1, 2022

What does it mean to be “mask recommended”?
When schools are mask-recommended, students, employees and visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings.

What does it mean to be “mask required”?
When schools are mask-required, students, employees and visitors must wear face coverings inside the school.

How do we know if our child’s school is mask-recommended or mask-required?
As of Jan. 4, masks were required inside all of our schools. Beginning on Jan. 17, all schools were to be mask-recommended. However, if a school has positive cases over the course of any week that is at or above 1.5% of the building population, masks will be required at that school for at least 10 school days. Principals will communicate any changes in masking status with their families. Additionally, a school’s mask status will be posted at each school’s entrances and on the COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

Will you still send notifications about positive cases at school?
School principals will send notifications any time your child is in a classroom with an individual who tests positive for COVID-19. COVID activity in our schools will continue to be reported on our COVID Dashboard each week.

How will STRETCH be handled? Do they mask based on their home school or Washington Middle’s status?
Elementary STRETCH students will follow Washington Middle’s masking status while at Washington Middle. They will follow their elementary school’s mask status while at their home school. 

What about students who travel off campus for classes? Will they have to mask?
Many of our high school students travel off campus for classes and experiences during the school day. When they arrive at their destination, students will be expected to follow the COVID health and safety protocols for the facility where they are learning. 

How will masking during after school activities and sports be handled?
After Jan. 16, 2022, masks are recommended during after school activities, sporting events and community enrichment activities at all schools. We will continue to follow MSHSSA guidance for our student athletes. Some events may be rescheduled, modified or canceled based on the number of positive cases occurring within a school.

Will masks be required on the bus?
No. Masks are recommended on school buses but they no longer required on school buses.

What other COVID health and safety protocols are being used in schools?
Mehlville School District continues to offer a layered approach to reduce COVID-19 transmission within it’s schools. The following strategies are being used:

  • HVAC systems at each building are set to provide increased intake of outside air to provide better air circulation.
  • Handwashing is encouraged throughout the school day and students have access to hand sanitizer.
  • Custodians and other school staff continue to clean high-touch areas on a frequent basis.
  • Drinking fountains remain closed to students. Please make sure your child has a refillable water bottle.
  • We continue to encourage families to consult our “Too Sick for School” guidance when determining whether to keep a child home or send that child to school. Nurses will be sending students home who are symptomatic for COVID-19.
  • We encourage all eligible students, staff and community members to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Visitors are only allowed in the school by appointment.

Are visitors allowed at school?
Visitors are allowed at school by appointment only. 

How can I request the At Home virtual program for my child?
Parents who want to request participation in the At Home virtual program can do so for the second semester. Second semester starts Jan. 18, 2022. Parents of children in grades kindergarten through 8 should contact Mrs. Christy Mathews, Interim Director of Virtual Learning, at 314-467-7845 or [email protected]. Parents of children in grades 9-12 should call their child’s school counselor. Students will be allowed to transfer into At Home at semester as space allows.

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